About Erica

A New York City transplant, internationally published photographer, portrait storyteller, aura reader, visual poet, and witch. Having been a talented portrait sketch artist since childhood, she honed in on her artistic skills at the Fashion Institute of Technology where she received her degree in Fine Arts in 2005. Currently resides and works in Pensacola, FL.

Intuitive Aura portraits are a one of a kind style, developed by Erica, where your aura is documented in a unique moody and magickal style. With the creative and vulnerable space created together, you will feel safe baring your uniqueness in that moment. Her portraiture style highlights her tenderness towards human emotion, inspiration from the Ciaroscuro lighting of the Renaissance, the elegance of contrasted imagery, and the inner magickal workings of a person so authentically magnified.

Tenderly known as the "Black Sheep" of portraiture, her love for the arts has been driven by an insatiable need to express the deepest and most beautiful parts of a bedeviled artist's mind.


What are intuitive aura portraits?

I'm glad you asked! As an aura reader and empath, your energy is essential in creating a space where magick can happen. Not only can a person SEE aura, but they can FEEL aura as well. After cultivating a creative space for us to work in, most usually in a natural setting, a safe space is created together so you can allow your vulnerability through for us to create moody and magickal portraits together. It is not an ordinary portrait session. It is a spiritual experience!

Why do you charge a retainer fee?

A retainer fee is charged for several reasons. For one, it secures your booking and is for my time and talent only. Secondly, due to the nature of my work and shadow work involved in allowing yourself to feel vulnerable in front of my camera, some people get cold feet. This is understandable, respected, and honored; but it does mean your retainer fee is non-refundable.

What is the point of an intuitive aura portrait?

We can show you a part of yourself that you may not have been aware was even present. The essence of who you are is so unique and so vast that it is my honor to allow that to come through in the space we create together. Not only will you receive heirloom quality images, this is a spiritual and one of a kind experience.

Do you travel?

Absolutely! Since my work is very specialized, I do travel all over the world to make our time special and individualized. I do charge travel fees in addition to your retainer and session fees. I also travel with my professional associate!

Will you photograph our wedding?

Due to the nature of my work, weddings are a case by case basis. If I totally vibe with you and your partner, than lets make your day as special as possible!

Will you work with anyone?

No. My professional associates and I will not tolerate rude and arrogant people, harassment of any kind, or made to feel insignificant in any way. If you are an asshole, we have no issues cancelling your session or walking out of your session.

Will your work with LGBT+ community?

Absofuckinglutely! We are all human and no one is excluded. You have an aura and I will be there!

Will you shoot boudoir?

As of now, I do not market myself as a "Boudoir Photographer" so if you absolutely want to hire me to do a boudoir session, please know this is on a case by case basis. We will have special session packages for this and absolute privacy is maintained.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes! You can have an escort but in order for your Intuitive Aura portrait session to get the full genuine experience, your guests are required to be observant only.

Does the photographer give posing direction?


Will my photos be publicly used?

Yes. Working with Three Wicks Photography does require you to give me your irrevocable permission to utilize your images in a number of ways (i.e. social media, website, blogs, advertising, galleries/museums, billboards, print material, etc)

I really want to work with you but I can't afford to. Do you offer payment arrangements?

Absolutely! All sessions require retainer fee to be paid upfront. This is for securing your date and my time and talent only. We will arrange a payment plan prior to your session and any additional fees. Late fees apply. All payments must be paid 3 weeks before your session date. If everything is not paid by that date, we will not show up for your session. You will be refunded everything but your retainer fee.

If I am hired one month or less from your session date, we will require payment paid in full.

Out of state and out of country clients have different requirements. Retainer fee and travel fees must be paid in full to book. Your session fee can have a payment arrangement but must be paid one month before your scheduled session. If final payment is not received, your retainer fee and travel fees will not be refunded.

Can you photograph at my house or on location?


What is your refund policy?

Refund policy will be discussed in your contract

How soon will I receive my final portraits?

3-6 weeks

Is the LGBT+ community safe working with you?

Of course! You will always be treated as how I want to be treated; with respect, love, and acceptance. We honor the sacredness of every person!

Are there age limits?

Case by case basis only but definitely open to ALL ages!!

Do you photograph men?

Yes! My husband is my muse!

Can you use Photoshop to change my body shape or size?

I am in the business of authentically capturing you for you. Other than minor skin editing, Three Wicks is a body positive photographer and will not alter your body in any way

Do you work with plus size people?

Hell yes! I cant even tell you how much yes I have for this! I am in the business of authentically capturing you for you. Other than minor skin editing, Three Wicks is a body positive photographer and will not alter your body in any way no matter who you are!

Do I need to bring supplies and props?

You do not NEED to but it is encouraged! I especially LOVE long interesting fabrics, witchy and vintage props, hats, gloves, and anything that can and will make your portrait session unique to you!

Is there an opportunity for professional hair and makeup!?

Absolutely! There are a la carte options for this. I HIGHLY encourage you to feel as beautiful/handsome as possible and hair/makeup is a part of this! We have a list of professionals that we require you to choose from should you want these options available for you!

Our hair and makeup associates will require additional travel fees!

How long is my session?

This depends on what aura package you book! They range anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours!



“Erica is a talented, friendly and warm photographer and person. Her style is down to earth and professional. She’s a joy to work with as a model and is versatile as she can do family shoots as well and have them turn out beautifully candid.”