About Erica

A New York City transplant, internationally published photographer, portrait storyteller, and visual poet. Having been a talented portrait sketch artist since childhood, she honed in on her artistic skills at the Fashion Institute of Technology where she received her degree in Fine Arts in 2005. Currently resides and works in Tacoma, WA.

Her portraiture style highlights her tenderness towards human emotion, inspiration from the Ciaroscuro lighting of the Renaissance, the elegance of contrasted imagery, and the inner magickal workings of a person so authentically magnified.

Tenderly known as the "Black Sheep" of portraiture, her love for the arts has been driven by an insatiable need to express the deepest and most beautiful parts of a bedeviled artist's mind.



“Erica is a talented, friendly and warm photographer and person. Her style is down to earth and professional. She’s a joy to work with as a model and is versatile as she can do family shoots as well and have them turn out beautifully candid.”