Le Fleur

Alison has become one of my greatest confidants in my life. I started as a client of hers before she opened up her salon in Tacoma, WA called Le Fleur Salon. We hit it off pretty well and was a client of hers for about two years before I reached out and asked her if she would like to be a part of a shoot I was planning in June 2017. Luckily she agreed and totally rocked everyone's looks that day!

Since then, she has become someone very near and dear to me. Not only has she been a significant influence in my spiritual quest, but she has been a great source of creativity, life advice, and has lead me onto a successful path in my photographic career. I am forever indebted to her as she has helped me not only grow as an artist, but also as a person.

If genuine had a face, it would be Alison. This shoot was very impromptu and I texted her on a spur of the moment creative whim I had had. She put together this ensemble, did her own hair and makeup, and we spent about 15 minutes in her backyard! What an amazing moment to capture her essence and really showcase her beauty.

Alison is the fairy Godmother of hair! Go see her and experience what I experience! https://easylifehair.com/