an intimate and often exclusive group of persons with a unifying common interest or purpose

-Our goal is to empower the Witches all around the world and we need your help to do that!

We are looking for 2-6 people to join us, who share our mission, believe in what we do, and want to see other Witches empower themselves.

If you are chosen for the Three Wicks Witches Brand Ambassador Program, we ask you to represent our brand and what we stand for in your day to day life. Our ambassadors need to live by the golden rule of treating others the way they want to be treated and care about the empowerment of others.

As a Brand Ambassador, YOUR responsibilities will include:

1. Sharing OUR Three Wicks Photography's social media (Instagram and Facebook) posts to spread the word at minimum once a day.

2. Spreading the word in person, on the phone, or online with people you love about what we do (be sure to have them give us your affiliate code so you get credit!).

3. You MUST be kind and treat others with love. In other words: be body positive & respect everyone publicly & privately.

4. Allow us to feature your ambassador sessions (so you've need to be comfortable with having your images shared publicly).

5. Book at least two themed photo shoot scheduled sessions with Three Wicks Photography in 2020. This can be a theme of your own choice, a model call, or an event.

Three Wicks Witches will be:

-Willing to sign a model release allowing all media created at the shoots to be shared on social media, marketing materials, etc. without restrictions.

-Promote any of their photos from the experience with Three Wicks Photography with friends, coworkers, online followers… and basically shout the exciting details about your session from the mountain tops to anyone who will listen!

-Enjoy a $200 ambassador credit to share with friends & family.

-A diverse group of encouraging Witches who will be excited to share their photos and experience with everyone they know!

-Witches between the ages of 18- 80 who are willing to continue on this journey to self love.

-A variety of body types - all shapes and sizes welcome!

-Witches with amazing social networking skills because the more you promote your experience the greater it affects what you earn.


(these are non-negotiable)

*Publicly post on all of YOUR own personal social media platforms a MINIMUM of once weekly (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter) about Three Wicks.

*Help moderate and interact in our FB group.

*Write three blog posts during your one year of ambassadorship (centered around your self love journey, body positivity, your past, etc.) to be released publicly from Three Wicks Photography.

*Post your images from all of our sessions on your social media.

*Post in OUR Facebook community a MINIMUM of once a week.

*Attendance + Volunteering at any public events (these are minimal).

[Global Ambassadors are responsible for organizing a group shoot/community event to bring us together at least once in 2020]

*Allow us to go LIVE during your shoots with us.

*Schedule a minimum of 2 photo shoots with Three Wicks Photography in 2020 (with exceptions with out of state ambassadors)

*Refer as many people as possible to shoot with Three Wicks Photography at any single one of the projects hosted in 2020 by Three Wicks Photography using your affiliate code to receive cash or credit kick backs.

So what's in it for you?

We want our Three Wicks Witches Brand Ambassadors to genuinely believe in us and what we do.

To ensure that our Brand Ambassadors are fully confident in recommending a photo shoot experience to others, we want to reward their willingness to represent the brand with bonus rewards, redeemable after committing to the job!

The bonus rewards you will receive after becoming a Brand Ambassador with Three Wicks Photography include:

1. Discounted photo shoot sessions.

2. Three digital images per shoot with the opportunity to purchase more.

3. 30% off products

4. Keepsakes to represent our unity

5. Annnnnd.... access to referral credits!

Referral Credits Info

We want to reward our Brand Ambassadors for their work & dedication to our Three Wicks Witches!

Sharing your affiliate code with others and sharing other Three Wicks Photography social media promotions & posts, gives anyone who uses it a discounted session, and once they shoot their session, gives you 1 referral.

As a Brand Ambassador, you can collect referrals and redeem them for your own studio sessions/products or cold, hard cash!

Important: you will receive a unique code, this is NOT to be released publicly but to be shared one on one.

Every referral earns you $40 product credit (non transferable) OR $20 cold hard CASH

(redeemable on the 1st of each month following the paid session from your referral).

IF you would like to be an ambassador

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