Learning the Curve Workshop 2020

Sasha Kathryn Photography & Three Wicks Photography

What if?

What if I told you that the process to success is a journey? What if I told you that sometimes, it takes a kick in the tush to push you in the right direction?

Sometimes it takes just a little bit of an investment in yourself so you can obtain the best tools in order to strive towards your goals. With two good mentors, I was able to navigate through what seemed like an impossible journey; a mixture of never feeling fulfilled, many moments of overwhelming inspiration, tears & cuss words, creative nourishment, a spark to an idea where many connections with other creatives were had, and much more.

I would love nothing more than to offer what I have learned, sometimes the advice I heeded and sometimes the advice that I did not heed and learned the hard way.

Let us start with the basics; learning your camera, let's have a Q&A where no question is forbidden or stupid, go through the creative process from start to finish with Three Wicks Photography on a styled shoot, tips and tricks to editing, networking, social media management, and above all else, lets eat too!

Future workshops coming soon!